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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

{Quick Reflections 16} Computer Games

Posted by Badeea at 10:44 AM
The following reflection was illustrated and written so vivedly by a close friend.
Enjoy. Smile

Most of us have tried computer games at one point of our lives, or at least know how these things work. Each game is divided into levels, each level having its tools, playing strategy, and challenge. Once you succeed in meeting the challenge and reaching your target, you are moved up to the next level, which is naturally harder than the one preceding it. In each level, you will have a different kind of obstacles or an enemy trying to defeat you. You may take some time to learn about the new tools and the strategy needed, you may lose and try again, until you make it and climb up one more level, and so on. With every level, you gain more skills, and know more tricks that would help you in the coming one. Until you finish all the levels, one by one, and climb up to the end of the game, only then you are announced victorious.

Our lives in this world of ours are so similar to this gaming zone. "Does mankind reckon that they will be left to say, "We believe" and will not be tempted?, And indeed We already tempted the ones that were even before them, so indeed Allah definitely knows the ones who (act) sincerely, and indeed Allah definitely knows the liars. (TMQ: Al-"Ankaboot: 29: 2-3) Believers are constantly being tested; each test having its tools and its strategy. You can find yourself bewildered not knowing where to go, until ALLAAH (AWJ) directs you to your tools. Each trial has a goal at the end; to take you one level higher, to bring you one step closer to Allah's contentment. Your trials, no matter how different they may seem, no matter how long or short, no matter how frequent, no matter how strange their tools are, were chosen to you by your LORD ( SWT) to see whether you will be thankful, patient, and worthy, or not.

Once you pass a trial successfully, do not expect that your test is over. You were being prepared to a more solemn one; the next level is yet to start. Your chance to climb up one more step towards your LORD ( TWT) is being given to you. Be ready for your next level, aim high, and keep your eyes focused on your ultimate goal. Do not allow your enemy to distract you or defeat you. Try and err, until you succeed in your current level, until you master it and be ready for the coming one with more skills and more tricks. Your life will go on, from one trial to the other, climbing up and up again, until you reach the ultimate top, Jannah, only then you are announced victorious.

"Or (even) did you reckon that you would enter the Garden and Allah does not as yet know (i.e., has not yet proved, tested) who of you have striven, and that He may know the patient?" (TMQ: Aal "Imraan: 3: 142)

Now it is really strange how we very eagerly try our best at computer games and ask for more challenges and yearn for higher levels after being so content at our achievment at one level. We are that enthusiastic when the challenge is virtual and success, achievement and ascent are false. On the other hand in real life when the challenge is realistic and the success, achievement and ascent are true and eternal while failure is very deterimental and jeopordizes our true life indefinitely, we give up easily and sometimes even don't care to take the challenge!

May ALLAAH (SWT) help us all with our struggles and our trials. May our journey be one of successful level, and may we all reach our ultimate goal.

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Elephteria on November 11, 2008 at 3:54 PM said...

Well said.

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