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Friday, February 6, 2009

Who Am I? (2)

Posted by melmogy at 2:46 PM

This story is based on the true events of the Gaza Holocaust. Israel launched its deadly attack on besieged Gaza on Saturday, December 27, 2008 through January 22, 2009 and beyond.

The Gaza Strip was under siege by Israel for three years.

If you went to the Gaza Strip, you would see empty storehouses and cemeteries growing larger – it is too hard to keep a tight hold on one’s emotions. If you strolled near the outpost of the city, you would feel the uncertain freedom or even a future.

This made it so had for the world to sympathize anymore with the Jews’ holocaust, after the holocaust they committed in the Gaza Enclave.

Here the story goes...

I am six years old; I used to live in a small place in besieged Gaza with my mom, dad and three brothers. My dad used to go every day to work, while my mom stayed at home to take care of us, especially my five months old baby brother.

I was so happy this September because it was my first day of school. I was then old enough to be in grade one, I would make many friends, we would grow up together and who knows, maybe we would all go to the same university and work at the same place too.

I love my family and like to go out every weekend to play soccer with my neighbours.

I am doing great at school and my teachers are very proud of me. It is my third month in school and I already made three close friends, we want to be together forever.

Mom said that I had to start wearing heavy clothes because by the end of December, it would get much colder and she was worried that I might catch cold.

Friday was our weekend and we would all go to the mosque close by to pray. I love it there; it felt so peaceful. After that, we would all go for lunch at my cousins’ home.

Tomorrow is a new day at school; I could not sleep the night because we had a field trip. For the first time in my life, I was going on a field trip with my friends. I went to sleep dreaming of it.

I heard a big bang and felt as if the ground was shaking, I thought that the school bus took the wrong route to the field trip or one of its tires blew up. Suddenly, I woke up; I was not in the school bus, it was not the tire that blew up. What was that then!

My mom came dashing into my bedroom, my two brothers were still in their pyjamas, and my dad was carrying my baby brother. Where are we going? What was that noise? Am I not going to the field trip?

There was no answer, we just fled our home and went to the mosque. At the mosque, there were my other neighbours some of my friends and many more people. What is going on mom? Today is Saturday; I must go to school now!

The big blowing noise started to get louder, children started to cry, I felt hungry and...

Dad said, school will be closed today son, I do not know when it would open. Aeroplanes are dropping bombs, we do not know if our home is safe. Dad, I am hungry!

Dad left the mosque with some other men to bring some food.

I asked my mom, who were those people? Why were they sending their aeroplanes to hit our homes? What did they want from us?

Mom said, it was Israeli aeroplanes, they did not like us to have any kind of weapons to protect ourselves, and they do not want to see us here. But why mom? This is where we were born and this is our land! That is exactly why son, because we are Palestinians, because we are Muslims, and they do not want us to be here in besieged Gaza anymore.

Dad came with some food and water and said, be careful we might not be able to get more food afterwards. Dad said that many buildings were destroyed, black smoke was all over and there was complete chaos. We heard boisterous ambulance sirens and other cars screeching to a halt.

The ground shook again and a big opening on the sidewall of the mosque suddenly appeared,

people were trying to transfer wounded women and children to the hospital.

Everyone was running everywhere, babies were crying, blood was all over, people were covered with dust, some were trying to pull others from under the rubbles, the aeroplanes were bombarding us from every direction.

Mom took me, my brothers and ran out; we did not know what hit us! We did not know where to go! I looked around only to see our neighbourhood destroyed. I wish everything would stop, please stop. If you love God stop, just stop!

We went inside one of the houses and hid there. After a while a few soldiers found us, they had their huge guns pointed at my brother’s chest and they fired.

My mom screamed and fell over my brother trying to wake him up, my baby brother was crying. The soldiers kicked us out. We kept running. I could see fireworks in the horizon, except they were all white and fell on the ground instead of spreading colourfully in the sky, and then I saw something fell on a woman and her baby, white smoke came out and she started to burn.

A car came, picked us up and took us to the hospital, the woman was my mom and the baby was my baby brother, his face and chest were so red and looked very strange.

I looked around for my dad, but he was not there, one doctor said that my mom would be all right.

He gave me some water. I sipped half and went to give my mom the other half; I told her that the doctor said that she would be ok. I told her that soon they would stop, I told her not to worry and that I would take care of her until my dad comes back right mom?

Mom! Mom... mom... maaaaaaa

The six years old boy’s life will never be peaceful anymore...

Zionism has always been carrying out the policy of the “burnt land[1]”, under the banner of extending their land from The Nile to The Euphrates Rivers[2], no matter if that was over the dead bodies of the Palestinians or any other humans; the end justifies the means.

‘The Guardian’ has obtained vivid footage of the effect of white phosphorus[3] allegedly used by Israel during a bomb attack on Gaza ([4].

The result – this time around too - was the disfiguration and destruction of Gaza City, one can look there at the face of hunger and plagues, the face of fire and the face of death; worst of all - the face of betrayal and the dreams that have not been fulfilled.

GAZA ATTACK TIMELINE can be seen at:

It is important to note that the annexation of Jerusalem by Israel is illegal under international law.

[1] See “Wikipedia: Scorched earth” in

[3] “’Indisputable evidence’ of Israel’s use of white phosphorous against civilians” – see

[4] Also see “White phosphorous ignites on contact with oxygen. Flechettes expel razor sharp darts. DIME bombs cause large blasts over small areas.”

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There is increasing concern that second and third generation Muslims in the West are mostly no longer Muslims so they actually end up adding to the Christian or Atheist population of the West, albeit racially from a non-Western origin. Accordingly, the ratios mentioned in the video ( would be correct in regards to race or ethnicity but not necessarily to religion.

It is a grave danger facing our children and grand children from a real life stand point as statistically only 1/5 of the second generation stay really Muslims when they grow up and are independent and almost non from the third generation are Muslims. And that is why the Western authorities are still permitting the immigration of Muslims inspite of the figures provided in the above video. They know that on the long term the descendants of Muslims in the West leave Islam because their parents raised them up with an Eastern mentality in a Western society instead of an Islamic mentality that encompasses all cultures.

You can see more about that by Jeffrey Lang; an ex-atheist American Mathematics University Professor who reverted to Islam in 1982. He has also written 3 books that I highly recommend; "Struggling to Surrender", "Even Angels Ask" and "Losing my Religion; A Call for Help".
Now I will leave you to enjoy 2 short excerpts from one of his lectures followed by links to his most important full presentation regarding our children.

Here is a solution that is yet to be implemented.

Raising children here is not an easy task ofcourse but if we do it the right way they will be true Muslims in shaa Allaah who are "Informed Muslims" rather than "Muslims by inheritance" like their counterparts in the East. Hopefully they will then be a much better generation than ours.

Quickly, I do believe that the best 4 authors (for example, there are many others but these are my favorite) who could guide us through this difficult process are Yahiya Emerick, Jeffrey Lang, Jamal Badawi and Dalia Mogahed.

Here are some links for future reference and for an ongoing learning process that I have started collecting slowly.
Please spread the below information to all your Muslim contacts in the West.

Jeffrey Lang: I highly recommend the lecture titled "The Purpose of Life". It has true meanings that I have not come across in any Arabic literature.

Yahiya Emerick:
Articles: I highly recommend reading and spreading the last article in this link by the name of "The Confusion of the Scholars"
Books: There are only 14 books, about half for adults and the other half for kids. The extra are just repetitions.

Jamal Badawi:
Many products including books, articles and lectures mostly for adults. You can find them by searching his name online. My favorite is;

Dalia Mogahed: (Obama's adviser)
Has one book so far but has a great potential. "Who Speaks for Islam".
You can watch her debate with Irshad Manji (an openly Lesbian Canadian Muslim who is distorting the picture of Islam in the name of "Progressive Islam")

Finally here is a website for a store that sells lots of Islamic products including Islamic cartoon DVDs in English and Arabic for kids.

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