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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

{Quick Reflections 35} The Gender of God

Posted by Badeea at 1:19 PM

Why do some people take for granted that God has a gender? They even go beyond that and take for granted that God is male.
Let us think of this title together. What is the gender of God? Does He have a gender? Why do we say "He" and not "She"?

To answer these questions properly we will need to use a few different tools. Logic (as usual), biology and linguistics.

From a biological stand point, as creatures, we know that all higher forms of life are formed of 2 sexes, male and female. The reason for having 2 sexes is that the sexual interaction between them is necessary for the continuation of existence of that creature. As one generation dies its offspring have to be there if that creature is to continue to be represented in life in later generations. Another reason for having 2 different sexes is that neither of them is psychologically or physically fully independent and either one needs the other to maintain a healthy and stable life.
On the other hand lesser forms of life are known to reproduce asexually through budding or division. Again the "need" for reproduction is the continuation of existence of that creature as all creatures are mortal and bound to die one day.

Accordingly if an entity is bound to live for ever it does not need to reproduce or have an offspring either sexually or asexually. Also if an entity is "perfect" on its own it does not need another entity to exist either in space or in time parallel to it.

Now if that entity is God, the Most Perfect, the Creator of time and space, the Creator of creatures that reproduce either sexually or asexually we will need to ask ourselves a few questions.
Since He is "perfect" why would He have other entities next to Him? Why would He exist in different "formats"? How can the Creator of "existence" and "formats" exist in formats?!
Since He is the Creator of time and space, then the finite limits of neither the past, present and future nor of place, can encompass Him. (Kindly refer to Accordingly how can some people say that His so called "Son", which is a so called "format of Him" existed on Earth in a certain finite place during a certain finite time?

Pure logical answers to the above questions confirm that God is genderless and exists in only one format that only He knows about and is One and only One Who is not limited by place or time.

Now since He does not have a gender as He is the Creator of gender, from a linguistic stand point we refer to Him as "He" and not "She" because our mental and linguistic abilities have to refer to Him using something that is constant and never changing. Accordingly the reason for referring to Him as "He" is our limited mental and linguistic abilities that can never encompass Him.

On the other hand from a social stand point we tend to call the origin of anything "mother" as it is the womb that carries offspring or products into existence, e.g. mother-land, mother-tongue, etc. Accordingly it is very strange that people at a certain era decided to call the Creator of existence "Father" and made up a story about His "Son" and decided that God and His so-called Son are both of the male gender! Why can it not be "Mother" and "Daughter"? Or "Father" and "Daughter"? Or "Mother" and "Son"? The reasons behind that are very clear. At the time that story was fabricated, when the world was ruled mercilessly by the Roman Empire, women and the female sex were regarded as inferior so anything superior or Divine had to be thought of in the more superior form, men and the male sex. Accordingly God had to be "Father". Also Prophet `Isaa (Jesus) whom the whole story was fabricated about was a "man" so it had to be "Son".

From all the above we can conclude that God has no gender (He is the Creator of the concept of gender in the first place) and is One and only One (not existing in multiple finite formats in finite places and times as He is the Creator of formats, places and time).

The Arabic word for God is Allaah which pertains to no gender unlike god in English that pertains to a male gender as goddess pertains to a female gender.

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zax on December 30, 2007 at 3:18 AM said...

يقول الله تعالى
"هو الله الذى لا اله الا هو"
واضح تماما أن الضمير هو يشير الى الله جل جلاله بصيغة المذكر
يقول الله تعالى
"قل هو الله أحد الله الصمد لم يلد و لم يولد و لم لم يكن له كفوا أحد "
مرة أخرى بصيغة المذكر
يقول تعالى فى سورة الجن
"و أنه تعالى جد ربنا ما اتخذ صاحبة ولا ولدا"
نجد أن الله تعالى نفى عن ذاته جل جلاه أن يكون له صاحبة فهذا دليل آخر
و لكن
هل معنى أن رب العزة جل جلاله و تعالى عن الشبيه و النظير مثله مثل المذكر من البشر؟
تعالى الله عن ذلك علوا كبيرا
و لكن نؤمن بما أثبته الله لنفسه جل جلاله من الصفات
و لكن لا نكيف هذه الصفات و لا نشبهه تعالى بأحد من خلقه و لا نعطل صفة أثبتها لنفسه
و لكن نؤمن بها كما جاءت و لا نخوض أبعد من ذلك

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